ECIF organized a seminar on 27th February 2012, on the further scope available for engineering students. The guest lecturer for the event was Siva Sankaran L., who has more than 30 years experience in the IT industry. He is currently heading the Quadro Business Division for NVIDIA South Asia region.

The event began with Aishwarya introducing the lecturer to the crowd present. It moved on to a crib session with active participation from audience who vented out their complaints. Mr.Sivasankaran then played a video which made the students rethink on their flimsy complaints.He discussed the opportunities meted out to the engineers who were new into field. It was followed by an extensive talk on the employability criteria for the students charted by most companies.

He said that with the new digitalized future which lay ahead of us one should have the capability to target the digital native crowd and not remain a digital alien, learning to blendto new technology with time. A brief overview of engineering services was given to make the students understand the big picture. The speaker also enlightened the various domain specific engineering services which are available like the Automotive, Industrial design, Aerospace, Energy and Utilities areas which are now on speed track route to new discoveries.

A The lecturer then summarized his points in encouraging the students to not be restricted in ideology of learning just for exams but to enhance knowledge of concepts in the subject for a better career in the chosen field.

Profile of Mr. Siva Sankaran L.

Event Details
2012-02-27 09:00 to 17:00
Electronics and Communication Engineering
School of Engineering