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Online Ramayana Celebration 2020 – Amrita School of Pharmacy

Online Ramayana Celebration 2020 – Amrita School of Pharmacy
2020-08-13 @ 9:00 AM – 2020-08-14 @ 4:00 PM

Even in the situation of this pandemic, Amrita school of Pharmacy was blessed to celebrate the Ramayana day on August 13-14, 2020. We are happy that at least a virtual celebration could be conducted as a part of Ramayana month and thus a spiritual awakening could be induced in all of us.The cultural committee was the pivotal reason behind the celebration. Sri.Peeyush G had delivered a talk on ‘Relevance of Ramayana in Today’s World’ on August 13th,2020.The talk was really a thought awakening one in all of us including students and all the staff in ASP. He presented very well about living in today’s competitive world chasing just worldly pleasures.The talk gave a conclusion that we should compete with ourselves not with others. Each day we should be a better version of ourselves. All these concepts were told with the help of a folk story of the running race held between a rabbit and a tortoise.At the end of the session, so many doubts regarding today’s competitive lifestyle was asked by random students as well as faculties of ASP.One such important question araised by one of our faculty was ‘if we make our children non competitive in this world, there is a chance that they may go back in their life, how can we handle such situation?’. Sri.Peeyush G answered this question very clearly telling that we should create only the curiosity in our children so that they will be keen to know about it. Therefore they themselves will have interest in these things and they will go for their better performance rather than competeing with others. Everyone has different capabilities and no one can be compared.

As a part of Ramayana day celebration, an elocution competition was conducted on August 14th 2020.On that day our Principal maam, Dr.Sabitha M gave her message on the auspicious occasion and the cultural education faculty, Sri.Hariharan Iyer sir chanted Ramayana.Also two student representatives from ASP, Ms.Arya from Pharm D 2016 batch and Ms.Abhirami from Bpharm 2019 batch also chanted Ramayana. For elocution competition, a slogan was given for the participants and each batch got a chance to participate with one participant from their batch. At the end of the session, Hariharan sir gave his valuable remarks on each student’s presentation.Thus, the Ramayana Day celebration was concluded by quoting that ‘Keep trying to attach your mind to the Supreme, it will get attached one day’

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