Come Contest Conquer

Registration Fee : Rs. 500 | Date : January 24-25

Event Co-ordinators : Aadarsh Suku   8871500010 | Revati Prasad   7259948551

Unleash the leashed, foresee the unforeseen, seek the unsought, coz we are bringing to you an unprecedented experience. Intelligence and attitude are the prerequisites. In the end there will be just one, The Best: Numero Uno.
Settle for better? Or wanna be the best?


  • This is an individual event. A Maximum of 4 participants from a college can participate in the event.
  • Participants must carry a laptop, USB and internet connection for the rounds. Participants are expected to be in formal attire for the rounds of event.
  • The decision of the judges and event coordinators will be final.
  • The event stretches for 2 days.