Registration Fee : Rs. 500/Person | Date : January 24-25

Event Co-ordinators : Jaiji Thomas Andoor  :+91 8714351312

Chaturanga as the name suggests this is going to be an epic battle to find the ultimate Best manager.

The aim of the game is to identify the right traits of a manager hidden in you. The games are crafted in such a way that your creativity, talent and confidence is put to test. Its further tests how well your strategies help you solve problems.
Are you ready for the ultimate battle?


  • The Best Manager is an individual event.
  • Any number of participants from a college can participate for the event.
  • Students are requested to carry their own laptops and a portable Wi-fi hotspot (they can use their mobile hotspots also).
  • Use of mobile phones and laptops is strictly prohibited unless and until its included in the rounds.
  • All participants are expected to be in formal attire on both days.
  • No student can be a part of more than one event .The event duration is two days.
  • In case of a tie, weightage attached to a few rounds will be the deciding factor.
  • Decision of the organizing team and the judges will be final.