Registration Fee : Rs. 200/Person | Date : January 24-25, 2019

Event Co-ordinators : Sandeep R Kumar

When you are wrapped up in craziness, you forget to look around and appreciate all of the lessons you are learning and a dance competition fulfils that.Choreo ‘N’ Beats is such an event. To dance, means to reach for a word that doesn’t exist to sing the heart song of a thousand generations but to feel each moment in time. It reveals the truest expression of a person through their body. And the true gift of dance is to touch, to move and to inspire.


  • Team can be of either Boys/Girls or Mixed and multiple teams can register from the same college.
  • The team can consist of minimum of 5 to maximum of 12 members(including helpers).
  • Song duration must be between 3 minutes to 7 minutes per team and 2 minutes will be given extra for setting up stage.
  • Please bring the song in a pen drive and submit it atleast 1 hour prior to the event.(music shall be in mp3 format). Must bring two pen drive to avoid technical issues.
  • Revealing costumes will not be entertained.
  • Every student must bring their college/university ID card.
  • Dance performance should not convey any indecent gestures.