On the occasion of Prajnanam’19 - National Seminar on Management of Infertility in Ayurveda, it is decided to conduct Ashtanga HridayaPārāyaṇa (Śloka recitation) competition on selected ślokas from the chapters RasāyanaVidhi and VājīkaraṇaVidhi.

Two categories for the competition,

  • Individual Competition (Details will be shared with the institution coordinator)
  • Group Chanting Competition (Details will be shared with the institution coordinator)

Date and Time: will be informed later to each institution coordinator

Objectives of this Competition

  1. To develop the skill to memorize Sanskrit verses.
  2. To enhance the recall & replicate capability of a student.
  3. To develop the skill to understand a Sanskrit literature.
  4. To develop the ability to adopt practical applications based on theory.
  5. To educate the method of learning the Samhita.
  6. To improve the acquaintance in the Sanskrit language.
  7. To promote the tradition of Pārāyaṇa(Śloka recitation).

Rules and Regulations - Individual Competition

  • Only the candidates, those who registered for Prajnanam 2019 can participate in this event, [ Registration link ].
  • Any number of candidates can participate from an institution.
  • All the selected ślokas(PDF Circulated) must be by hearted.
  • The ślokas will be sent to all participants in advance.
  • There will be multiple levels of selection for the final rounds and only five candidates will be chosen for the final round.
  • Selection Round 1: the participants will be asked to recite any 5 ślokas. If anyone fails to recite, he/she will be eliminated.
  • Selection Round 2: Those who qualify the selection round, will be given a question paper to answer in writing, which consists of the following items:
    • Fill the first Pāda of the śloka and write the PadaCcheda, Padārtha, Anvaya andArtha of the śloka (10marks).
    • Complete the śloka (a word from the beginning, middle or end of the śloka will only be given.) (5marks)
    • Complete the Yoga and explain its application and benefits(5marks).
    • From selection Round 2, only 5 Candidates will be qualified for Final Round.
  • In the final round the competition will consists of various rounds to evaluate the memory(स्मृति), pronunciation(उच्चारण), tune /meter(छन्दस्), knowledge in splitting the words(सन्धिज्ञान), compound of the words(समासज्ञान), derivation of the words(निरुक्ति), skill to write prose order(अन्वय), meaning of the śloka(श्लोकार्थ)skill to find out the contextual meanings of the words (अधिकरणार्थ), clinical application with proper theoretical interpretations(शास्त्रज्ञान) knowledge in Rasāyanapreparation etc.
  • The participants will be asked to recite ślokas from any part of the total ślokas. This will be decided by the judge during the competition.
  • The participant will be asked to complete the ślokas by giving the first line or second line of the śloka, a part of the beginning of the śloka or middle of the śloka or end of the śloka, the content of the śloka, name of the preparation etc.
  • The participant will be asked to select theRasāyanafor the clinical conditions narrated by the judges with proper logical/scientific reasoning.
  • All the decisions made by the judges will be final.

Rules for Group Pārāyaṇa

  • In this event, the evaluation will be based on the coordination of recitation, ability to by-heart ślokas, Voice modulation etc. The common tune for this event will be circulated in advance.
  • Selected ślokas of the competition will be distributed to all candidates through respective institutional coordinators.
  • A Group may consist of Minimum 10 members and maximum 15 members.
  • Groups can adopt their own dress code.
  • There is no entry fee for registering the groups. (All the members must be registered for Prajnanam 2019 Seminar)
  • There is no restriction for the number of teams from an institution

Listen to RasāyanaVidhi

Listen to VājīkaraṇaVidhi

Register for Parayana Competition