IEEE-PES & IAS, Student Branch Chapter, Amrita school of Engineering (ASE), Bengaluru, organized a one day workshop which included a hands-on session on "Real time Simulation for Modern Industrial Applications" on March 2, 2016. The event was coordinated by Dr. K. Deepa, Convener, Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE and was organized by IEEE Members.

Dr. Ilamparithi, EMS Specialist - OPAL-RT Technologies and IEEE-PES EXECOM member and his team, conducted the workshop. The 46 workshop attendees included 34 IEEE-PES student members from within ASE, 12 non-IEEE students, one academician from Oxford Engineering College and one participant from PRDC industry. 

The morning session of the workshop featured an introduction to real time simulation and its USP over conventional simulation. The session also included the features, requirements and applications (control prototyping and hardware in-the-loop) of real time simulation, along with challenges and solutions from OPAL-RT technologies. In the second half of the session, hands-on training was provided and a PWM generator was modelled in simulink in Matlab2011b.  It was configured with RT lab opcomm, a communication link to interface with the simulator. A step-by-step guide gave an interesting experience on working with the simulation.

Post-lunch, a comprehensive design of a real time digital simulator (RTS) was furnished and a Hardware In-the-Loop simulation (HIL) was justified with a demonstration of control of a three phase induction motor, using HIL testing equipment.

Event Details
2016-03-02 09:00 to 17:00
School of Engineering