Vishnu K. Santhosh (Alumni and  Field Coordinator at Sabari Saranashram, Aranmula) spoke about the environmental consequences of the proposed developmental plan in Aranmula. Mr. Santhosh who is associated with protecting the heritage of Aranmula expanded on the avenues if conducting studies in the area to promote the protection of the environment and identification of vulnerabilities. He also briefly discussed the technique of PRA for mapping vulnerabilities in the area. The MSW students shared their perspectives and queries with Mr. Santhosh.

Resource Person: Vishnu K. Santhosh (Alumni and Field Coordinator at Sabari Saranashram, Aranmula)

Participants: S1 MSW students and faculty

  • SW.P2MSW14001 Adithya Kumar R
  • SW.P2MSW14002 Amal Bhaskar
  • SW.P2MSW14003 Aneesa A
  • SW.P2MSW14004 Anju G R
  • SW.P2MSW14005 Anjusha M
  • SW.P2MSW14006 Archa Murali M
  • SW.P2MSW14007 Aswathy J
  • SW.P2MSW14008 Bibin Gopi
  • SW.P2MSW14009 Deepthi T
  • SW.P2MSW14010 Huda Bahsha K P
  • SW.P2MSW14011 Keerthana Rajeev
  • SW.P2MSW14012 Pavin Nath S
  • SW.P2MSW14014 Roopika J R
  • SW.P2MSW14015 Seeba Thomas
  • SW.P2MSW14016 Shruthi Gopi Krishna
  • SW.P2MSW14017 Shyam Prakash J
  • SW.P2MSW14018 Sumi H Kumar
  • SW.P2MSW14019 Aswathy Ajayakumar
  • SW.P2MSW14020 Kanish C Vinoy
  • SW.P2MSW14021 Prajith Kumar P
  • SW.P2MSW14022 Vineeth Vijayan M
  • SW.P2MSW14023 Parvathy Vijayan


Event Details
2014-09-24 09:00 to 17:00
Social Work
Department of Social Work