A seminar on Sanskrit - the Wonder Language was organized during August 30, 2013, by Amrita School of Ayurveda, Amritapuri. The programme started with a formal inaugural function with the presence of Dr. Sampadananda Misra the guest speaker, Dr. Shankara Chaithanya, Medical Director Amrita School of Ayurveda, Dr. Balakrishnan Shankar, Associate Dean, Amritapuri Campus, Dr. Bipin Nair , Dean, Amrita School of Biotechnology and Dr. Jaya Shankar Mund, Prof. & HOD, Dept of Samhita Sanskrit & Siddhanta.

Dr. Jaya Shankar Mund delivered the welcome speak in Sanskrit language. Dr. Shankara Chaithanya delivered the presidential address pointing about the greatness of the language Sanskrit and the necessity of learning it for developing various inner faculties such as memory, logical thinking etc. He quoted the Sanskrit word Rishta and Arishta to show the importance of scientific learning of Sanskrit language.

Dr.Balakrishnan Shankar spoke about the wonderful slokas in Mahabharata which can be read from all dimensions as the syllables are arranged in a wonderful manner.

Dr. Bipin Nair spoke about the importance of sanskrit language and its scientific approach in naming the plants.

Dr. Sampadananda Misra delivered the address by saying about a school in London where Sanskrit is taught right from kinder garden as they found which can promoted memory, speech abilities, concentration, logical thinking etc. He showed videos clips where the students of that particular school chanting vedic hymns, bhagavatgeeta taithiriopanishad etc. The spoke about the greatness of Sanskrit language.

He taught interesting and creating way of learning Sanskrit grammar by reciting the maheswara sutras of Panini like the sound produced from the train which it moves.

The question & answer session was creative and the audients participated actively. The session was very much informative because the questions asked were highly intelligent.

About the Speaker

Dr. Sampadananda Mishra is passionate about Sanskrit. He strongly believes that Sanskrit has immense potentiality to elevate the human consciousness to sublime heights. Dr. Mishra, who has presented papers and spoken at various conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally, conducts workshops, teacher training programmes and orientation courses, both in India and abroad, as part of his work. He also conducts special workshops to introduce Sanskrit to beginners. In addition Dr. Mishra writes articles related to India and Sanskrit in English and Sanskrit, and has composed verses and songs in Sanskrit.

Event Details
2013-09-30 10:00 to 16:00
School of Ayurveda