Electronics Communication and Instrumentation forum (ECIF) the departmental forum for ECE and EIE, School of Engineering, Bengaluru Campus organized a two day Simulation Software Workshop on February 3, 4, 2016.

Targeted Audience  : Students of IV semester B.Tech

Day 1

Duration                  : 50 minutes, 3.35PM to 4.25PM
Software                  : TINA
Conducted by          : Nagdeesh N, Student, VI semester, ECE-C
No. of attendees      : 21

Mr. Nagdeesh commenced the workshop with an introduction to TINA, and a general description of its features. He showed the process for construction of simple transistor circuits and their simulation, guiding the students every step of the way, and giving practice problems to increase their comfort level with the software.

Day 2 

Duration                 : 50 minutes, 3.35PM to 4.25PM
Software                 : MultiSim
Conducted by         : Golla Yeshwant, Student, VI semester, ECE-A
No. of attendees     : 8

Mr. Yeshwant commenced the workshop with an introduction to MULTISIM and its applications in the field of electronics and its advantages over TINA.The students were then taught the use of each element of the software. This was later put into practice viz. simulation of a simple circuit using the basic tools. He also constructed the Half Wave and Full Wave Rectifiers and Low pass and High pass filters .The class was then told to bring up queries if any faced while solving circuits.

Event Details
2013-02-03 15:30 to 2013-02-04 16:30
Electronics and Communication Engineering
School of Engineering