Saji A Kuriakose


He has completed MTech from IIT Delhi in Applied Optics in 1984.  After joining Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad shortly afterwards, he worked on design and development of optical systems for Electrooptical payloads for a number of meteorological, remote sensing and planetary missions.  As Deputy Director in charge of Sensor Development Area of SAC, he was responsible for completion of Resourcesat 2A, INSAT 3DR and Cartosat 2C payloads.  In October 2015, he transferred to Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) in Thiruvananthapuram to head the Advanced Space Technology Development Cell which carries out collaborative research for various ISRO centres. At present he is responsible for coordinating over 15 IIST research projects in collaboration with ISRO as well as guiding three IIST student satellite projects.




Electro-optical sensors for small satellites for disaster management

Electrooptical payloads consist of optical, mechanical, electronics and image detection subassemblies. The talk will briefly dwell on all these subsystems and focus on various aspects appropriate for small EO payloads suitable for small satellites. Some of the EO payloads developed by SAC will be discussed. Low cost, quick to develop, EO payloads utilising commercially available components will be covered in this lecture.