Vijendra Boken

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Satellite data contribution to monitoring and managing droughts

Department of Geography and Earth Science, University of Nebraska-Kearney,NE 68849, USA


Droughts are often characterized by low precipitation and higher temperatures and do occur in almost all countries in the world. However, the severity and the frequency of droughts vary from one country to another. While the drought occurrence is a natural phenomenon, managing droughts depends on a nation’s expertise and policy implementation for accurate monitoring of droughts, developing its water resources for irrigation, developing drought-resistant crop varieties, crop insurance, and agricultural banking and credit systems etc. The satellite data have been available for more than a quarter century and great strides have since been made in monitoring drought conditions through monitoring surface vegetation, soil moisture, and water resources conditions. Nevertheless, there is a need to do more to manage droughts, particularly in less developed countries, in order to minimize extreme drought impacts including suicides by farmers; in India hundreds of farmers have committed suicides in the past two decades apparently due to crop failures as a result of extreme drought conditions. This presentation will provide an overview of drought occurrence in the world, will discuss how the current satellite data products are used for monitoring and managing droughts, and will highlight the needs for further development of these products. Read More