A ten-day production oriented theatre workshop has been organized at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, under the auspices of the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy and School of Drama from 13 th to 26 th March, 2014. The sessions by eminent theatre personalities like Mr.T.M.Abraham, Dr. Thulasedhara Kurupu, Mr.Sreejesh Keloth and Mr. S.Saran greatly helped the students to sharpen their acting skills and also gave them a deep insight into various aspects of theatre such as stage management, acting, set and costume designing, editing etc. The participants were also enlightened on how exactly technology would enhance the overall theatre experience.

The visual media students who participated in the workshop got a splendid opportunity to showcase their talent by staging four improvised plays, under the guidance of Dr. Vinod V.Narayanan, Asst. Professor, School of Drama and Sri Ranjith, M.T.A. student of School of Drama who has been assisting the main faculty during the workshop.

In the play “My Hospital Memories”, the students narrated and shared their personal memories in a monologue pattern, thereby capturing the dramatic potential in real life situations. While the play “Simanthala Chapakulassa,” was performed in the unique ‘Gibberish’ style,” Adukkala Pennungal” was an interesting example of playmaking through improvisation. “The Hitch-Hackers,” based on digital gaming technology, facilitated with multi cameras, projectors and live buffering, was a highly interactive digital performance. The novel venture was well appreciated as it was for the first time that a play based on interactive digital gaming was being staged in any of the campuses across the state.
It has been informed that all the four plays have been selected to be staged at the drama fest which will be held in Thrissur.

Event Details
2014-03-13 10:00 to 2014-03-26 17:00
School of Arts and Sciences