Every year, the Department of Panchakarma, School of Ayurveda, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, is organizing a Vamana camp during Vasantha Rituto propagate the importance of Ritu Sodhana and for giving practical training for the students. During the calendar year 2018, Vasantha Vamana Camp has been organized and executed from January 10 to March 20, 2018.

During the Vasantha Ritu, there will be an accumulation of Kapha in our body. Apart from this, there will be derangement in the Dosha due to other lifestyle-related reasons like Virudha Ahara, Vega Dharana, etc. This may end up in various diseases like allergy, sinusitis, joint pain and so on. Hence this natural process of toxin overload should be evacuated in the right season from our body to stay healthy. Vamana is a Sodhana which meant to clear Kapha, to improve intellect, complexion, immunity, sleep, etc.

Preparatory work for the aforesaid camp was started during the first week of January. In relation to that, a notice has been circulated at Amrita Ayurveda Hospital and Amrita School of Ayurveda, Vallikavu, Clappana for the awareness of patients, students and the public. Medicine for the Vamana camp was prepared under the GMP certified lab of Rasa Shastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana Department of Amrita School of Ayurveda under the guidance of Dr.  Ramesh N. and Dr. Abhayakumar Mishra. All the 12 Snehapana and Vamana Karma were observed and guided by Dr. Anantharam Sharma, one by Dr. Prathibha C. K. and one by Dr. K.  Parameswaran Namboothiri.

Registration was open for both patients and healthy volunteers. A total of 26 aspirants came up showing interest in Vamana. They were screened based on Yogya-Ayogyatha and shortlisted to 21. These 21 were given with Pachana - Deepana medicine 5g Trikatu Churna thrice daily before food till they attain Pakwa Mala Lakshana. Among 21 only 14 could able to complete Sodhana. Four were exempted from doing Vamana due to non-attainment of Pakwa Mala Lakshana even with more than a week of Pachana Deepana and two dropped the procedure due to their personal reasons and one is still to do. All the twenty-one were in the Madhyama Vaya category. All the Thirteen were given Snehapana with Murchitha Ghritha and one with MurchithaThaila. Eight attained Samyak Snigdhatha in 3 to 5 days and six took more than five days to attain Samyak Snigdhatha. Sarvanga Abhyanga Bhaspa Sweda was done for two days for all the thirteen participants. Murchitha Ghritha was used for Abhyanga for thirteen participants and Murchitha Thaila was taken for one. Among these 14 participants, 13 proceeded to Vamana and one was done Virechana due to ArtavaDarsana after Snehapana and hence Sarvanga Abhyanga was given for her for 3 days ended with Virechana on the third day. The Sudhi observed was Avara and hence given AvaraSamsarjana diet for four Annakala. Rest 13 participants were done Vamana prior to KaphotkleshakaraAhara. VamanaOushadhi takenwas Madanaphala in Kalka form for 11 subjects and Madanaphala Ksheera Santanika for one and Ghreye Yoga of MadanaphalaChurna was done for one. Of the total 13 Vamana, 6 were observed as AvaraSudhi and 5 were MadhyamaSudhi and two came as Ayoga. Two AyogaSudhisubjects were given with TarpanadiSamsarjanaKrama and the rest 11 with Peyadi Samsarjana Kramaas per Sudhi Lakshana.The complications aroused due to SaavasheshaOushadha to one subject was continuous vomiting (9 times) for the whole day till afternoon (till 2:30 pm). The subject started showing difficulty after 9 am after taking the first Samsarjana diet. The vomitus contained Oushadhi, Kapha, Yavagu and bile. The patient was managed with Rantac plus Perinorm injection IM once, along with Madiphala Rasayana and LajaPeya frequently till the subsidence of Chardi Vega. The next Ayoga observed was later reported to pass loose bowel which also contained Oushadhi as per the subject and no other discomfort was reported except tiredness. Once the first Samsarjana diet was taken the subject felt relieved from all discomforts. Thus we could able to complete VasanthaVamana Camp 2018 with great enthusiasm and spirit. And the interest shown from the participants was overwhelming which may help us to organize such events in the coming days also.

Event Details
2018-01-10 09:00 to 2018-03-20 17:00
School of Ayurveda