ECIF, Electronics communication and instrumentation forum of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru hosted their first Videotronics session on 22nd September 2016. The event opened with the Secretary, Tanmay Sharma, and the Joint Secretary, P Murali Krishna addressing the attendees about the events ECIF is to conduct in this semester. After the brief presentation, the show was handed over to Pradeep, who captivated the audience with his talk about Invisibility Cloaks. He explained the various methods being researched to attain invisibility and used informative videos to drive his points. His presentation ended with the audience asking diverse questions about attaining invisibility.

In protraction to this, Hemanth took over the show to educate the crowd about innovations in the field of VR headsets. He started his session with a video of the HTC Vive in action and continued to explain the structure and working of various high-end and do-it-yourself VR equipment. His session also involved a demonstration of a pseudo 3D hologram, created with mobile phones. The organizers were showered with questions about the working of the deceptively simple setup, and the audience was left spellbound. Hemanth ended his presentation with a small talk about the future of VR and AR.

The session was then handed over to Meenakshi U., who got the audience to the edge of their seats as soon as she began with her presentation about Mixed Reality and the Microsoft HoloLens. She demonstrated in detail about the structure and working of the MR product of Microsoft, with effective descriptions of the hardware and software used. The audience was spellbound with the possibility of an MR headset in existence, and awestruck with the capabilities of the hardware. The end of her presentation marked the end of the first Videotronics session, with a video of the HoloLens in action.

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2016-09-22 10:00 to 16:00
Electronics and Communication
School of Engineering
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