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Webinar on Magnetic Energy Transfer in Roads

Webinar on Magnetic Energy Transfer in Roads
2020-04-26 @ 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Webinaron “Magnetic Energy Transfer in Roads” on April 26, 2020 from 4 pm to 5 pm by Dr. Prasanth Venugopal. He works with applications of power electronic devices and circuits to develop innovative hardware solutions. He has 7 years of R& D experience in electromagnetic inductive charging of electric vehicles (EV). His Research & Development fields include Power Engineering, Electromagnetics, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Wireless Energy Transfer, Inductive Power Systems, PCB Design, Power Systems, E-mobility. He is an alumnus of Amrita School of Engineering and has completed his Ph.D. from TU Delft. Currently he is Manager of ISD Automotive-Technical Specialist xEV, Autonomous Driving, Wireless Charging at TDK Europe GmbH.

The speaker embarked on the session by explaining about wireless power transfer, the need for compensation, basic compensation topologies, result of compensation and performance merits of IPT system. He demonstrated the variation in parameters as a function of frequency. He explained the biot-savart law to misalignment, longitudinal misalignment (novel effect), derivation of lateral misalignment and edge effect. He further detailed about the comparison of multi shaped couplers, the self-inductance for multi coil magnetic, self –inductance of single turn and multi-turn rectangular inductor and also about mutual inductance. He moved on to Optimization of magnetic, optimization targets, constructed systems for IPT charging and experimental analysis of IPT.

He extended his talk explaining about the 4 concepts such as sectioned roads, dynamic permeability asphalt, anisotropic asphalt and resonator aggregates. He shared his experimental samples and their performance analysis to the participants

A total of 103 people attended the session, with 37 of them being IEEE members.

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