The Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy is conducting a workshop on Advanced Techniques in Epilepsy Surgery on November 21st and 22nd, 2014. The theme for the workshop is ‘Surgery for MRI-negative Focal Epilepsy.’ This will be accompanied by a live demonstration of Stereo EEG implantation, one of the latest techniques in epilepsy surgery.

An estimated 60 lakh people in India suffer from epilepsy. Among these, at least 20 lakh fail to respond to seizure medications. Apart from the direct physical effects experienced by individuals suffering from epilepsy, there are many deep mental, social and economic implications of the illness which hamper their quality. Special populations like children with learning disability and women with epilepsy have unique considerations.

Although there are many oral medications for epilepsy, almost 30 percent become refractory to treatment; that is, they cannot be controlled with drugs alone. Within this group, around 50 percent are completely curable by surgery. 

In the past, the surgically remediable epilepsies were done only for those patients where a readily identifiable focus was demonstrated by MRI. However using advances in technology, it is now possible to use sophisticated tools like Positron Emission Tomography scan, SPECT scan, invasive EEG monitoring, Stereo EEG, for accurate epilepsy evaluation. As a result, today we can cure more patients with epilepsy than in the past.

Experts in the field of epilepsy surgery from the USA and Canada will lead this workshop under the aegis of The Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy. The uniqueness of this workshop will be the live demonstration of Stereo EEG. In contrast to the conventional open surgery for implanting electrodes which aids in localising the epileptic foci, Stereo EEG utilises precision, pinhole techniques for implantation. Robotic techniques have also been developed and soon to come to our center for the first time in India.

This workshop is a major milestone in the field of epilepsy in India and will be of benefit to both epileptologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons. The Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy has already successfully completed more than 160 epilepsy surgeries.

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2014-11-21 08:30 to 2014-11-22 17:00