The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore conducted a Workshop on Embedded LINUX on Beagle Bone Black from August 11 - 12, 2018.

The workshop was organized with the aim to provide a better learning experience about tools and techniques to develop an embedded Linux on an embedded device. Such a workshop was organized based on constant request from the student community and also based on the positive feedback received from previous edition of the workshop. The workshop was organized by Dr Anju S. Pillai.,Dr. Rahul Sharma and Mr. Sarath T. V with the support from Dr. K. C. Sindhu Thampatty, Chairperson, Department of EEE, Amrita School of Engineering (ASE), Coimbatore. The workshop course delivery, both lecture sessions and hands-on practical sessions, was done by TRANSIOT, Cochin. The resource persons were Mr. Ajay M. P., CTO, TRANSIOT and Mr. Praveen, Alumni, M.Tech. Embedded Systems 2014-2016 batch.

The workshop was held at Embedded Systems lab, Academic Block-II of ASE, Coimbatore campus from 4-5 and 11-12 August, 2018 and 15 M.Tech. students attended. All the help and support for the smooth conduct and hands-on sessions in the lab was extended by Mr. R. Sudharsan, Senior Lab Assistnat, EEE department, ASE, Coimbatore. The workshop focused on Linux internals and embedded Linux on Beagle Bone Black. Day-I started with introduction to Linux, moved on to Linux basics and details about Linux internals like shell scripting, files, threads and processes. Practical sessions were conducted for familiarizing various Linux internals. Day-II started with introduction of Beagle Bone Black and further dealt with basic application deployment in the board. The continuing sessions introduced the concepts of native and cross compilation with Eclipse IDEs. Practical sessions were conducted in various peripherals, device overlays and debugging using GDB. Day-III started with touch screen interfacing in Beagle Bone Black. Customization of Linux and GUI development using QT and deployment in Beagle Bone Black was covered. Practical sessions were conducted for LED ON/OFF based on button press in a GUI and PWM based brightness control based on GUI input. Day IV started with Embedded Linux Development and further dealt with customization and deployment of U-boot. Hands-on sessions on Kernal customization and file system using various methods for real time applications were handled in the afternoon session of the last day of the workshop.

The workshop concluded on  August 12, 2018 with a valedictory function. Dr. Anju S. Pillai, delivered the valedictory address. At the end, feedback from the participants were collected to understand their views on the technical content, presentation and other related information. In general, a positive feedback was received as the workshop helped the students to gain an overall idea about Embedded Linux and Beagle Bone Black. Hands-on sessions were very found useful to comprehend various concepts like, booting, scripting, dumping C/C++ codes, GUI based application development in Beagle Bone Black etc. Based on the participants’ feedback, the workshop was understood to be technically beneficial and hence successful in its objective.


Deliver knowledge in following domains:

  1. Linux basics, internals
  2. Beagle Bone Black
  3. Embedded Linux
  4. Kernal customization and file system

Speakers / Guests

  • Mr. Ajay, CTO, TRANSIOT

Number of Participants :15

Event Details
2018-08-11 09:00 to 2018-08-12 16:00
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
School of Engineering