AmritaCREATE conducted a training programme for secondary science teachers on the significance of Online Labs at DAV Public School, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar on 21 January 2013. 17 science teachers from the nearby schools of Bhubaneswar attended the programme. Prof Raghu Raman, Rathnam Arun and K.S. Sudheer represented AmritaCREATE at the event.

The programme started with a brief introduction of Online Labs given by Prof. Raghu Raman. He demonstrated Online Labs experiments such as ‘Determination of Boiling Point of Water’ and ‘Bell Jar Experiment’ to the audience. This was followed by a hands- on session where participants had the opportunity to test and explore the system themselves on both desktop and tablet. Each participant had accessed and explored the system for oneself on both desktop and tablet.

The participants seemed to have a keen interest in exploring the Olabs website. AmritaCREATE team members were present to explain the practical side of running experiments or to answer the queries of participants regarding Online Labs.

After the hands on workshop, feedback was sought from the participants for the improvement of the lab content. The response received from the participants resounded with enthusiasm and appreciation for Online Labs.

“Online labs is one of the advanced teaching systems which can make a revolution in education, specially in science. It is one of the modern methods which helps to teach science and helps the student to smoothly conduct the lab”
~Niranjan Parida, ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar

“Had an interesting session here. The session was quite informative and we enjoyed learning the working of Online Labs. I am sure this is going to help students to a great extend and will make the practical more enjoyable to them”
~Manisha Samal, DAV Public School, CDA, Cuttack

Each Participant’s attendance was acknowledged by issuing a certificate of participation. The certificate was handed out at the public programme conducted at Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar by a state government dignitary in the presence of Amma.


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