The department of Civil Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore campus will organize a one day workshop on Rheology of Cement Paste on August 11, 2015.  

This workshop is being organized with the objective of helping faculty members, researchers, professionals and students to acquire fundamental knowledge of concepts of Rheology of cement paste. Rheology is the study of relationship between the deformation and flow behaviour of a material, with its internal structure. Rheological behaviour of cement governs the ease with which it flows and is influenced by its composition and a variety of external factors. This is an important property of both cement paste and concrete since the desirable hardened properties like strength and durability can be achieved only if the fresh material has good flowing, filling and compacting abilities. Rheological parameters can give much information that is of use in such industrially important areas as oil well cementing, grouting vibratory compaction and quality control. The goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about various models and equipments to measure the rheological characteristics cement paste. The workshop is designed to be approximately 50 % lab experiments. The class size is limited, to maximize one-on-one interaction.

Course contents

The course starts with an overview of the concept of Rheology, Experimental methods to measure the rheological parameters of cement paste in lab, Comparison of Various Rheological models available to calculate the rheological parmeters of cement paste from the measured shear stress strain data, Various factors affecting the rheology of cement paste etc.

Resource person

Dr. Jayasree Chakkamalayath is an Associate Research Scientist in the Energy and Building Research Center at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. She received her Ph. D from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and has 16 years teaching experience. Her research interests include use of admixtures in concrete, rheology, high performance concrete, durability and nanotechnology in construction. She has authored journal and conference papers.


The workshop aimed at the multifaceted audiences from industries, academics, researchers, PG & UG Students

Event Details
2015-08-11 09:30 to 17:30
School of Engineering