Department of Electronics and Communication and Amrita Biomedical Engineering (AMBE) research center will jointly be conducting a three day national workshop on Signal Processing for Biomedical Applications. 

The department of ECE runs a.Tech. programmes in ECE and EIE and postgraduate programmes in VLSI Design and Biomedical Engineering. The Biomedical group of the department focuses its research on Biomedical Instrumentation, Biosignal and Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Medical Robotics, Orug Design and Discovery, Biomechanics, Telemedicine and related areas.

Established in 2004, AMBE focuses on developingcost effective biomedical solutions. Dr. Bipin Nair, Dean, Amrita School of Biotechnology is the coordinator of AMBE. AMBE is the only TlFAC CORE for biomedical engineering in the country. AMBE's industrial partners include MOS Pharma Services,USA, Biocon, Bengaluru and Mascon Life Sciences, USA. AMBE's achievements

  • Low cost, reliable and portable X-Ray digitizer for telemedicine programme of ISRO. (Patented)
  • Low cost, reliable Insulin pump for TIFAC CORE. (patented)
  • Low cost, reliable Wi·Fi based patient monitoring system for telemedicine programme, blood glucose sensor and a low cost MEMS based pumping module for external and implantable drug delivery system for Media Asia.


The duo together will be co-ordinating a utilitarian workshop that disseminates qualitative knowledge in the fields signal processing utilized for biomedical applications.

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Event Details
2011-12-14 09:00 to 2011-12-17 17:45
School of Engineering
AMBE-Biomedical Engineering
Center for Industrial Research and Innovation (ACIRI)