Amrita Center for Computational Engineering and Networking (CEN) will organize workshops on “OpenCL computing” and “Software Defined Networking” from June 9-10, 2014. The two workshop aims to explore different aspect of this new revolution that is taking place. This will enable M. Tech. students to do classroom computing assignments in FPGA and GPU. 

FPGA programming for the masses through OpenCL, Logi-PI, and Altera-FPGA
Future of Networking: Software defined networks and NetFPGA

Computers with proper algorithms and data have become the most powerful system for scientific enquiry. The activity of merging the modeling capability and algorithmic intelligence of human beings with the computing power of computers is the field of computational Engineering. It involves mathematics and computer science along with an understanding of the science of the applications. Every scientific filed has become computational and is demanding more and more computing muscle for tackling the modern day problems. This insatiable demand necessitated a computing platform and a standard that can make use of every available type of computing units -CPU , GPU, and FPGA . This resulted in OpenCL (Open computing Language) standard.

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2014-06-09 09:00 to 2014-06-10 17:00
Computational Engineering and Networking