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September | 4 th – 7 th


Sexual and Reproductive Health: Beyond boundaries-conference on sexual health, diversity and inclusivity

Organised By: Department Of Clinical Psychology, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences (Aims)
Ponekkara Kochi, Kerala – 682041


Call for papers and presentations 

The scientific committee welcomes abstract submissions in the following broad areas of sexual health.  

  • Couple & Sexual Health 
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Fertility/ Reproductive Health 
  • Gender Affirming Medical Therapy/ Transgender Care 
  • Mental Health Sex Therapy 
  • Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Sexual Problems  
  • Sex & Culture 
  • Sexual Disorders 
  • Artificial Intelligence  


  • September 4, 2024

    Pre- Conference Workshop

  • September 5, 2024

    Perspectives in Sexuality and Reproduction

  • September 6, 2024

    Sexual and Reproductive Diversities

  • September 7, 2024

    Psychological Management of Sexual and Reproduction

  • July 27, 2024

    Submission of Abstract

  • August 20, 2024

    Submission of Full Paper and Submission of Poster

Registration Details


Early bird Fee

Regular fee

Spot registration fee 

Single Day


Rs 5000 

Rs 5800 

Rs 6800 

Rs 2850

MPhil trainees

Rs 3500 

Rs 4500

Rs 5500

Rs 2000

Aims Alumni

Rs 4000

Rs 5000 

Rs 6000

Rs 2500 

International students

150 (USD)

200 (USD) 

250 (USD) 

80 (USD)

International professionals

250 (USD)

300 (USD) 

350 (USD 

130 (SD) 

Guidelines for Abstract and Paper Presentation  

  • An abstract is a single paragraph, without indentation that summarises the key points of research paper. 
  • Your abstract word count should NOT exceed 300 words. 
  • Use standard abbreviations. Place unusual abbreviations between parentheses (…) after the first appearance of the word. 
  • Bibliography of the paper should follow the APA format. 
  • Acknowledgment: If you do not follow these instructions, your abstract may be declined. 
  • All abstract presented at the conference will be published in journal. 

Structure of abstract

  • Research title must be mentioned first, followed by authors name and affiliation. The title length should not exceed more than 12 words.
  • Introduction: Describe the background supporting the relevance of the research question 
  • Objective: State the purpose of the study or investigation. 
  • Methods: State details on study subjects, techniques, and/or observational/analytical methods. 
  • Results: Include your main findings, noting statistically significant data. 
  • Conclusions: Summarize principal conclusions, emphasizing new and important aspects. 
  • The abstract should be in MS word format using the font Times New Roman size 12 with line spacing 1.5. Mention at least 3 keywords

All abstract details will appear/be published EXACTLY as submitted, so please avoid errors and misspellings and capitalize names/words where applicable;

  • Do NOT enter your abstract title with every letter CAPITALIZED; 
  • Fill in ALL authors of this abstract in order of relevance: start with the main author, proceed with co-authors; 
  • Only authors who filled out this form will be printed in the book of abstracts; 
  • The authors will appear in order of submission (not alphabetically) 
  • EACH AUTHOR will need to complete a conflict of interest form, for which the e-mail addresses of each author are required 

Paper Presentation Important Dates

  • Submission of abstract: July 27, 2024 
  • Submission of full paper: August 20, 2024 
    Abstract and complete paper to be emailed to 

Call for Poster

The scientific committee welcomes abstract submissions in the following broad areas of sexual health.  

Poster Presentation Important Dates  

Guidelines for poster presentation

Layout: Design a clear and organized layout with sections like title, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. 

Font and Size: Use a readable font (Times New Roman) and maintain consistency. Headings should be bold, and text should be legible from a distance. Recommended font size is typically 36-44 points for headings and 24-32 points for body text. 

Title: Make the title concise, informative, and cantered at the top. Include author names and affiliations. 

Graphics and Images: Use high-quality graphics, charts, and images. Ensure they are labelled and referred to in the text. Maintain consistency in style and formatting. 

Text: Keep text concise. Use bullet points, short sentences, and avoid excessive jargon. Clearly articulate the research question, methods, and key findings. 

Citations: Include in-text citations for any information derived from other sources, and add a references section at the bottom of the poster. 

Colour Scheme: Choose a visually appealing colour scheme. Ensure good contrast between text and background. Stick to a limited colour palette for a professional look. 

Size: Standard poster size is often 36×48 inches. Verify any specific size requirements for your presentation. 

Headings and Subheadings: Organize information using headings and subheadings. Follow APA guidelines for formatting these. 

Review and Proofread: Thoroughly review and proofread your poster to eliminate errors and ensure clarity. Consider seeking feedback from colleagues or mentors

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