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Event Details

Date – 07 Jan 2021 to 13 Jan 2021
Audience – Faculties, Students, International students, Research Scholars.

The Q&A session was held at the end of each session which helped the audience clear their doubts on each topic. This workshop helped faculties, research scholars extensively in gaining knowledge on Research.
Around 90 participants attended the session amongst them were 10 international participants from UK, Zambia, Malaysia and UAE. The session was very interesting and motivating as research methodology and statistical analysis was explained with simple and practical examples having effective significance to the concepts encouraging high degree of interaction amongst the participants. Many of the core ideas on hypothesis, degree of freedom and statistical errors were taught with utmost simple methods.
Each of the session which ran through 7 days, was filled with lively examples. The sessions were well planned that each and every aspect was covered with detailing which was well received and appreciated.

Resource Person

FDP on Step by Step Guide to Research for Beginners
Dr D N Sansanwal

Retired Head & Dean of Faculty of Education, Devi Ahilya University, Indore.

Participants list
Email Address Name of the Participant Designation Name of the city Pooja HK Research scholar Mysuru Suraj krishna Assistant Professor Mysuru Sandeep TK Assistant Professor Mysuru Nehra Neelamma Research scholar Mysuru Sunayana N Assistant Professor Mysuru Ranjitha N Research scholar Mysuru Vidya Avadhani Assistant Professor Mysuru Nishchitha B P Research scholar Mysuru Suheel Ahamed Research scholar Mysuru ANJALI K Research scholar Mysuru Ashwini N K Assistant Professor Mysuru Priyanka Mohan Assistant Professor Mysuru Anoop A Research scholar Mysuru Pallavi M S Assistant Professor Mysuru CHITHRA V S Research scholar Mysuru Sreelakshmi E Assistant Professor Mysuru Akshay S Assistant Professor Mysuru Nishchitha B P Research scholar Mysuru Raksha M Student Mysuru Pushpa B R Assistant Professor Mysuru Sahana K Assistant Professor Mysuru Bipin Nair B J Assistant Professor Mysuru Ranjitha P Assistant Professor Mysuru Akhil K M Research scholar Mysuru Akshatha Prabhu Assistant Professor Mysuru Muktha Sen Assistant Professor Mysuru Rekha Bhat Assistant Professor Mysuru Kanchana V Assistant Professor Mysuru Shruthi S Student Mysuru Amrutesh Student Mysuru Rohini G Research scholar Mysuru Reshmi jk babu Research scholar Mysuru Santhosh kumar B J Assistant Professor Mysuru Dr. MANISHANKAR S Assistant Professor Mysuru Priyanka M Research scholar Mysuru Chandrika R Research scholar Mysuru Maria Rocque Sridhar Research scholar Mysuru Deepthi Janardhan Assistant Professor Bengaluru Sudharshan Duth P Assistant Professor Mysuru Aswathy Raghunathan Student Kochi Sheedhal K Reji Research scholar Thiruvananthapuram Karthika C Assistant Professor Kochi Shabu KR Assistant Professor Kochi A S Mahesh Assistant Professor Kochi Sariga Sajikumar Research scholar Kochi Swetha Rajagopal Research scholar Kochi Devika shaji Research scholar Kollam Anushri Research scholar Amritapuri Mojtaba Enayati Research scholar Kollam Ms. Reshma K Sasi Assistant Professor Kochi Sruthi M Assistant Professor Ernakulam Swathy S R Research scholar Kochi Aswathy G Research scholar Karunagappally Rondine Twist Research scholar Amritapuri Sethulekshmi J R Research scholar ELAMPALLOOR Asha M Research scholar Kochi Aswathi D. S Research scholar Kozhikode Chalissery Muncy Thomas Research scholar Ernakulam Rondine Twist Research scholar Amritapuri KRISHNA M B Assistant Professor Ernakulam RAJANI K G Assistant Professor Kochi Rakhy KS Research scholar Kochi PRIYA GEORGE Research scholar Ernakulam Martin kanyagui Student Kochi Tunde Balogun Research scholar Lagos Saba Omer Salem Mohammed Bawazir Student Serdang Amabile Manianga Research scholar Livingstone Pardon Dandadzi Student Ettimadai Sel Shah Research scholar London Jiji Estone Habanyati Student Lusaka
Research: Definition, Characteristics, Types and Steps
Variables: Types and Sources, Writing of Title & Objective
Hypothesis: Definition, Basis, Types, Forms, Wording, and Testing
One Tailed Test and Two Tailed Test, and Type I Error and Type II Error
Sampling: Concept of Universe, Population, Sample, & Frame
Non-Probability Sampling Techniques and Probability Sampling Techniques, Sampling Error, & determining Sample size
Tools / Instruments: Characteristics, Difference between Measurement and Assessment, Types of Tool, Procedure of development and standardization
Methods of Reliability and Validity, and Norms
Experimental Research: Principle, Types of Experimental Design, Methods of Controlling intervening variables
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