Ph.D, MSc

Alexander Muir is a veteran User Experience (UX) researcher and Human Centered Design (HCD, CHI) practitioner. He specializes in mixed-methodology research into difficult problems, where the issues range from interface design to the social use of technology. From usability lab studies, to international surveys, to ethnography in the field, Alexander has successfully delivered actionable insights by combining research methods to match the requirements of each project. He has also mentored dozens of high performing design researchers who now have successful careers in industry.

Before joining Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, he was a Senior Design Researcher at Microsoft, where he led UX research strategy for the Connected Car team.  He created Microsoft’s first fixed-base autos simulator and used eye-tracking data for validating driving safety. Other projects include augmented reality HoloLens glasses, Internet of Things projects including retail technology and smart home technology, massive online B2B ecosystems of the Microsoft Partner program, and the MSN network.

Alexander started his academic career as a Research Fellow at the UK Open University, in the Institute for Educational Technology (2001-2003), where he was helped grow the department’s usability testing capacity, and worked on cutting edge online educational software. He has taught usability and user research to Graduate and Professional students at the Open University, the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington. Before coming to Amrita, he mentored top flight Masters students of the UW in their final user research project. Now at Amrita, he guides and co-guides PhD students in the areas of educational technology and games for skills development.