Chitra Ramakrishnan currently serves as Assistant Professor at the School of Communication. She has a post graduate degree in Mass Communication with a combined work experience of 14 years, 10 in the industry and 4 teaching in Amrita. She has taught courses in the print, online, and advertising streams after joining full-time at Amrita School of Communication. She has been instrumental in introducing data journalism related modules into journalism course work.  Her broad area of interest is mediated communication.

She joined Amrita in 2011 as guest faculty to teach basic journalism and writing courses. Joining up with local English and Tamil dailies, she ran an experimental student-newsroom interaction program for B.A. students for 2 years.

Prior to joining Amrita, Chitra was a consultant in Hyderabad.  Her area of work included paid search and special project services for health care clients. She also has agency experience in ad copy writing and has worked in the area of corporate communications and web content in Singapore. 


Publication Type: Journal Article
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2015 Journal Article K. Suresh and Ramakrishnan, C., “Twittering Public Sentiments: A Predictive Analysis of Pre-Poll Twitter Popularity of Prime Ministerial Candidates for the Indian Elections 2014”, Media watch, vol. 6, pp. 238-254, 2015.[Abstract]

Twitter is a useful tool for predicting election outcomes, effectively complementing traditional opinion polling. This study undertakes a volume, sentiment and engagement analysis for predicting the popularity of Prime Ministerial candidates on Twitter as a run-up to the Indian Elections 2014. The results from a survey of 2,37,639 pre-poll tweets finds tweet volume as a significant predictor of candidate vote share, and volume and sentiments as predictors for candidate engagement levels. Higher engagement rates evolve from the horizontality of conversations about the candidate, therefore indicating a high degree of interactivity, but do not translate into a higher vote share.

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2014 Journal Article S. Kumar K. M. and Ramakrishnan, C., “A Comprehensive Study of Statistical Machine Translation for English to Kannada Language”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) , vol. 3, no. 6, 2014.[Abstract]

The field of machine translation has recently been energized by the emergence of statistical techniques. Development of a Machine Translation (MT) system for any two natural languages is a challenging task. This paper presents the impact of Mathematics (Statistics) on Statistical Machine Translation for English to Kannada Language. MT has its own approach to process the Corpus data for translation, whereas the whole approach of SMT is built on Statistical rules rather than linguistically motivated rules. It provides the necessary grounding in linguistics and probabilities More »»
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2015 Conference Proceedings A. Anil and Ramakrishnan, C., “Games as nonliterary narratives: A temporal view of Aarseth's ontic dimensions”, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI), 2015 . IEEE, pp. 1667-1671, 2015.[Abstract]

Games have redefined the way humans interact with computers and challenged the traditional definitions applied to narratives. Narratologists and ludologists have used a variety of approaches taken from their respective fields to study game narratives. The current study creates a measure of narrativity based on existing literature to plot the game chosen for analysis. Using the ontic dimensions (World, events, objects and agents) formulated by Aarseth, the study applies temporality as a tool, to identify the hierarchy embedded within those dimensions in the game. It is proposed that while such temporal hierarchies differ according to the narrativity measure of each game, the emerging common patterns will create interesting ludo-narrative templates for game design.

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Publication Type: Conference Paper
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2014 Conference Paper K. Suresh and Ramakrishnan, C., “Online twitter'ing' sentiments: A study of pre-poll tweets for predictive analysis of public sentiment”, in International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference (IAMCR) 2014, Hyderabad, 2014.
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