Ph.D, MS

Dr. Delmar Murari Marshall joined Amrita as Professor of Physics in 2007. He obtained his M. S. in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in USA in the early 1970's. He returned to University of Wisconsin nearly three decades later, to work on his Ph. D. He received his Ph. D. in Physics in 2006, specializing in Computational Electronic Structures.

As a teacher, Dr. Murari is much loved by his students. At the University of Wisconsin (UW), from 2001 to 2006, he was Head Teaching Assistant for Non-Calculus Introductory Physics. In 2004, he was awarded the Dillinger Teaching Assistant Award, followed, in 2006, by the Capstone Ph. D. Award in recognition of his outstanding achievement as a Teaching Assistant.

While at Amrita, Dr. Murari has published papers and given presentations on numerous topics in physics. He has developed a set of animated virtual labs for introductory physics. His current area of research is Nonlinear Dynamics.

Faculty Research Interest: