Durgadevi N. currently serves as Teaching Assistant in Chemistry, Department of Sciences, School of Engineering, Coimbatore Campus. Her areas of research include Fuel Cells and Electrochemistry.


Publication Type: Journal Article
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2016 Journal Article N. Durgadevi, Sunitha, M., Sathish, A., Guhan, S., and Ramachandran, Ta, “Electro Oxidation of Methanol on Ni/Ni-Co Coated SS Mesh Electrode”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, vol. 9, 2016.[Abstract]

In this work, the oxidation of methanol was carried out using Ni and Ni-Co alloy electrodeposited on stainless steel mesh substrate with a view to replace expensive and sensitive platinum and platinum alloy catalysts. The performance of electrode was assessed through cyclic voltammetry in alkaline media. The operating conditions of the electrode were optimized.

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