Giriraja C. V. currently serves as Assistant Professor(SG) at department of Electronics and Communication,Amrita School of Engineering.


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2015 Conference Paper C.V. Giriraja and Ramesh, T. K., “SNR Based Master-Slave Dynamic Device to Device communication in underlay cellular networks”, in 2015 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, ICACCI 2015, 2015, pp. 2114-2117.[Abstract]

In cellular networks Device to Device (D2D) communication is used to improve the resource utilization and the throughput. SNR Based Master-Slave Dynamic D2D Communication Algorithm (SMSDCA) is proposed to improve the resource utilization of the cellular network and improved Quality of Service (QoS). It is achieved by allocating some User Equipment (UE) as master in that cluster based on SNR and energy, who communicates with base station and the other UE's by using D2D. Other UE's requesting for data in that cluster are made as slaves. SMSDCA uses dynamic management of clusters and devices. In this we are handling both static and dynamic users need. For non-data requests it allocates the channel as per existence but for data requests SMSDCA will be used. In this algorithm D2D channel will be allocated by base station. Energy of the device is computed based on activities of the user, i.e., voice calls, duration and number of data packets transferred. The master can be changed dynamically based on SNR, energy and movement of device in cluster limit. By using this, the new users requesting for data and users moving from neighboring clusters are taken care accordingly. In this paper MATLAB simulation results shows that by using this algorithm the throughput and number of users can be served will be increased in comparison with Interference aware graph based resource sharing scheme for D2D communication [3]. © 2015 IEEE.

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