A postgraduate in International Broadcast Journalism from Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, Jayakrishnan has been associated with a number of publications in a limited span of time.

One of the toppers in both graduation (Video Production and Mass Communication) and post-graduation, Jayakrishnan has contributed stories for national dailies like The Hindu, The New Indian Express and Microsoft’s website before joining The Times of India in Jaipur. During his two - year stint at TOI sports desk, he did over 100 news stories and covered a number of major events, both locally and nationally.

At Amrita, Jayakrishnan has four years of experience in teaching and research. He handles subjects for both Print and Broadcast streams. His areas of teaching expertise include Film and Current Affairs Analysis. His major research interests include Film Studies, News Broadcasting, and Sport and the Media. Jayakrishnan has presented papers at various international conferences in Sri Lanka, Dubai and India.


  • Mr. Jayakrishnan Sreekumar won the Best Presentation Award in the session of Film, Media and Graphic Designing, International Conference on Arts and Humanities in Colombo on April 2 – 3, 2014.

Invited Talks

  • Mr. Jayakrishnan Sreekumar gave an invited address on "Emerging Trends in the Media Industry" at 'Media Outlook '14', a national seminar organised by MOP Vaishnav College, Chennai on October 8, 2014.


Publication Type: Journal Article
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2016 Journal Article J. Sreekumar, “Creating meaning through interpretations: A Mise-en-scene Analysis of the film “The Song of Sparrows””, Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, vol. 6, pp. 26-35, 2016.
2016 Journal Article J. Sreekumar, “Media Representation and Celebrity Discourse: Editorial Approaches to Sachin Tendulkar's Retirement”, Journal of Media Watch, vol. 7, pp. 199 - 209, 2016.
Publication Type: Conference Paper
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2015 Conference Paper J. Sreekumar, “Creating meaning through interpretations: A Mise-en-scene Analysis of the film The Song of Sparrows”, in International Conference on Communication, Media, Technology and Design (ICCMTD – 2015), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2015.
2014 Conference Paper J. Sreekumar, “Media representation of Sachin Tendulkar's retirement: A comparison of newspaper editorials”, in International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference IAMCR 2014, Hyderabad, 2014.[Abstract]

Sachin Tendulkar is inarguably one of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen. His announcement of retirement, on October 10, 2013, came after 24 long years in the game and by then he had broken almost all the batting records made during and before his time. Tendulkar bidding goodbye from cricket generated a widespread media discourse across the world. This paper analyses how differently Indian media and foreign media engaged with this celebrity discourse through a comparative analysis of the editorials of three leading international dailies namely, The Hindu (India), The Guardian (UK) and The New York Times (US).

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2014 Conference Paper J. Sreekumar and Balasubramanian, A., “An analysis of the siblings bond in the Iranian movie 'Children of Heaven'”, in International Conference on Arts and Humanities ICOAH-2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2014.[Abstract]

Iranian Cinema is the most talked-about topic among global audiences at present. One of their most successful Iranian filmmakers is Majid Majidi, whose films have gained plenty of international acclaim. Most of his films showcase strong family bonds and socially relevant plots. Even as the central plot of the movie 'Children of Heaven' revolves around a pair of lost shoes, Majidi shows the beautiful relationship between a brother and sister in the midst of all the struggles and hardships they face. There are a number of scenes in the movie where the siblings' love for each other is narrated through point of view narrative style. This paper analyses and understands how the brotherly and sisterly affection is portrayed in the film through content analysis method.

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