• B. Tech. Computer Science




Wireless Domain – 5 years

4 Years Bluetooth ­ IP development
Bluetooth HC, HOST and profiles : Protocol­stack design, implementation
Wireless security­and­crypto design and implementation ­ LMP and security manager
CVSD codec implementation for Bluetooth

SDR technologies ­ 1 year
SDR fundamentals and basic lab setup

Board ­Related

ARM board OS bootup for Bluetooth
Embedded OS Design and Implementation of Wipro Virtual­kernal IP.
Experience with VxWorks, eCos.
MIPS SOC based USB verification
Beagle­board related activities
Systems architect for Wipros Unified learning KIT ­ based on OMAP­3530 and Spartan­6 LX25 FPGA
ATmega series microcontrollers

Wired Connectivity – 4 years

IEEE 1394 USB 1.1, 2.0 ­ EHCI, OHCI and device Hardware ValidationUSB drivers Linux related Drivers and fundamentals
USB­3.0 fundamentals
I2C, SPI, Audio­chip, DAC, ADC

Communications and Signal Processing

Concepts of OFDM, and other digital modulation schemes such as ­ FSK, QPSK, QAM etc
Implementation of DTMF transmitter and receiver codec
Implementation of pi/4 DQPSK modem codec
SDR architecture, SCA and cognitive radios

Audio Coding­ – 1 year

Implementation of mp3 reference decoder
Implementation of AAC reference decoder
Implementation of CVSD codec for Bluetooth
Knowledge on Audio coding techniques
Knowledge on Video coding techniques


8085, ARM, Atmega
OMAP­3530 architecture


Compilers­gcc , vi, debuggers­gdb, bin­utils building for target architechture Misc Understanding of Hardware
design process and board­related stuff


TCP/IP and basic web­technologies


Basic verilog coding and h/w design fundamentals

Robotics ­- 2 year

Fundamental control systems, accelerometer, Gyroscopes
Kinematics of maipulators
Mobile robotics research ­ SLAM algorithms
Human computer Interfaces research ­ Homography mapping
laser range finder ­ research

Computer Architecture and OS

Linux ­ dbus, gstreamer, uinput, ALSA
Kernel ­ linux drivers and basic kernel internals
Computer Architecture ­ Caching, multi­core, DMA, PCI,

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