Shweta Premanandan currently serves as Assistant Professor at the School of Business, Coimbatore Campus, and a part time PhD scholar at ASB. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Her field of study is information system adoption, with a specific focus on culture. Her research interests include Human Computer Interaction, technology use and non-use, culture and management, e-government systems and business analytics. She is currently working on the area of technology use with focus on culture.


  • Ph. D., Amrita School of Business, Ongoing
  • M. B.A., Amrita School of Business, 2009
  • B. E., Charotar Institute of Technology, Gujarat University, Computer Science, 2006

Honors, Awards, & Grants

  • Visiting Researcher to Health, Technology and Organisation (HTO) Research Group at the Department of IT, Uppsala University, Sweden, since 2015.

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Amrita School of Business, 2018-present
  • Faculty Associate, Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore, 2012-2018

Teaching Experience (MBA and Undergraduate)

  • Management Information Systems
  • Introduction to R and Python Programming
  • IT Business Analysis

Workshops Attended

  • Attended Scale Development Workshop at Department of Maangement, IIT Madras in 2016.
  • Attended Summer School jointly organized by University of Groningen (Netherlands) and Amrita School of Business (India) on “Learning from Others” Research Methodology Workshop on Literature review and Replication in 2019.

Ongoing Research

  • Ongoing work includes projects on topics such as gender studies in cross-cultural e-government adoption, social media adoption and cross-cultural celebrity endorsement.


Publication Type: Conference Paper

Year of Publication Title


S. Banerji and Premanandan, S., “AKSHAYA: Empowering People through IS”, in International Conference on Business Management & Information Systems, Singapore, 2012.

Working Paper

  • Premanandan, S., Kumar, D., Cajander, Å., Devanathan, S., (Working paper). A Study of Adoption of Social Media Platform among Millennials: A Comparison between Emerging and Developed Markets. Internet Research.