MPhil, MSc

Subash Moorthy R. currently serves as Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics, School of Engineering. His areas of research include Functional Analysis, Real analysis, Algebra.


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Moorthy R. S. and Roopkumar, R., “Curvelet Transform on Rapidly Decreasing Functions”, Jangjeon, Proceeding of the Jangjeon Mathematical Society, pp. 153-161, 2017.[Abstract]

In this paper we prove the continuity of the curvelet transforms and adjoint curvelet transforms between two suitable spaces of rapidly decreasing functions. Then, we extends the transforms to the context of distributions, in a natural manner, as continuous linear maps, having the desired properties.

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Moorthy R. S. and Rajakumar, R., “Curvelet transform on tempered distributions”, Asian-European Journal of Mathematics, vol. 08, p. 150225022637006, 2015.[Abstract]

The curvelet transform of a tempered distribution is defined as an infinitely differentiable function of (a, b, θ) with a polynomial growth in b. An inversion formula of the curvelet transform on tempered distributions is also obtained.

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