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Reshma K Sasi currently serves as Lecturer in the Department of Foundations of Nursing, Amrita College of Nursing, Health Sciences Campus, Kochi.


  • M. Sc. Nursing -(Child Health Nursing)- Lourdes College of Nursing, Kochi
  • B.Sc Nursing – Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal


Year Affiliation
March 27, 2017 – Present Lecturer - Amrita College of Nursing
August 2012 - August 2014 Staff Nurse - Kasturba Hospital, Manipal


Publication Type: Journal Article

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Mercy Joseph, Reshma. K. Sasi, Michael, A., and C, A., “Effect of Facilitated Tucking on Physiological and Behavioural Responses to Pain among Infants Receiving Vaccination.”, Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology [Internet]., vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 7189-93, 2020.[Abstract]

Objective: To evaluate the effect of facilitated tucking on physiological and behavioural responses to pain among infants between experimental and control group before and after the IM vaccination Method: A quantitative approach with true experimental design and consecutive sampling technique was used in this study. Researcher selected 100 infants up to the age of 6 month receiving IM vaccination in the immunization clinic, AIMS, Kochi, and they are randomly assigned to control and experimental group. Demographic and clinical data was collected using structured interview schedule. Heart rate and SPO2 was monitored 2 minutes prior to the vaccination and facilitated tucking was given to the experimental group before and during the immunization and routine position was given to the control group, after that behavioural response was assessed by using neonatal infant pain scale and physiological response such as heart rate and SPO2 was assessed after 5 minutes. Result: The result showed that all the subjects in the control group had severe pain 100 %, whereas in the experimental group 50 % of the subjects had moderate pain and 50% of them had mild pain. Also there was a significant difference in the mean score of the physiological and behavioural response between the control and experimental group after the intervention Conclusion: The study revealed that the Facilitated Tucking improves the emotional security and reduces the pain perception. The nurse or care givers can effectively implement facilitative tucking for reducing pain during vaccination in any setting as it is a very simple technique

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Reshma. K. Sasi, Rafia Islam, Dr. Sunil M., and A, M., “Lower Extremity Perfusion among Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitusin a Tertiary Care Hospital, Kochi”, Indian Journal Public Health Res Dev , vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 319-314, 2020.[Abstract]

Introduction: Diabetes as one of Non-communicable diseases has consumed a large share of money, material, time and human resources of health systems. Now, due to advancement in lifestyle and industrial process, prevalence of diabetes and its associated complications have been raised. Among these complications, diabetic foot considered as a common complication of diabetes. Method: The present study was a quantitative quasi experimental two group pretest posttest design. The study was done at Amrita Hospital, Kochi. The main objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Burger Allen exercise on level of lower extremity perfusion among patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Totally 100 samples were taken in which 50 are in experimental and 50 in control group using convenience sampling technique. Results: In the present study, majority were males with the average age among experimental group were 55.30 +- 4.58, 36(72%) and 55.30+- 4.58, 34 (68%) in the control group. The study result showed that mean and standard deviation of ABPI score among both groups on Day 1(0.07±0.01), day 2 (0.05±0.02) and day 3(0.19±0.01). There was statistical significance with the p value <0.01. There was also significant difference between the groups and within the groups in ABPI scores in 3 days among patients with type 2 DM which is significant at <0.05. Conclusion: In the light of present study result, it depicted that the Buerger Allen exercise improve lower extremity perfusion among patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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Reshma. K. Sasi and Mathew, J. A., “Application of Maccoby and Martin's Parenting style model and Rosenstock's Health Belief Model.”, International Journal of Pediatric Nursing, vol. 3, no. 7, pp. 2455- 6343, 2017.

Poster Presented

  • Depression in Obesity - Gender difference at the International Conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted Approach conducted by Amrita College of Nursing, Kochi , on 1st and 2ndDec 2017 and won second price.

Conference Attended / Conducted

  • Participated in the "Dissemination of ICMR National Ethical Guidelines 2017" conducted by  CDSA, Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India on 22ndFebruary , 2018 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences .
  • Organising committee member in theInternational conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach  conducted by Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st and 2ndDec ,2017.
  • Participated in the worshop on "Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)  conducted by Lourdes college of Nursing, Ernakulam on 20th and 21st May 2016.
  • Participated in the worshop on "Basic newborn Care (IAP- NRHM Neonatal Resuscitation Programme" conducted by General Hospital, Ernakulam on 9th and 10th June, 2016.
  • Participated in the worshop on "Behavior and communication competence" conducted bby Lourdes college of Nursing, Ernakulam on 1st and 2nd July, 2016
  • Participated in the worshop on "Inferencial statistics and application of SPSS" conducted by Lourdes college of Nursing, Ernakulam on 7th and 8th Jan, 2015.
  • Participated in the worshop on "Genetics – The central dogma of human life" conducted by College of Nursing, Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram on 31st Jan, 2015.
  • Participated in the worshop on "Nursing theories and its application" in ''MOSC college of nursing, Ernakulam on 26t Feb, 2015.
  • Participated in the worshop on "SOAR Analysis- an effective guide for excellence"onducted by Lourdes college of Nursing, Ernakulam on 7th and 8th March, 2015.
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