MSc Nursing

Ms. Shalimol U.S. currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Amrita College of Nursing, Health Sciences Campus, Kochi. She received her Master Degree from Sri Ramachandra College of Nursing, Chennai and awarded as “Best Outgoing and Top Scorer” of the batch. She graduated from Amrita College of Nursing, Kochi in 2007. She joined Amrita College of Nursing as Lecturer in the year 2013.

She completed MBA (Health Care Sciences) from Sikkim Manipal University in 2015. She has done certificate programme in Infection Control from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in 2018. Her areas of interest include research and clinical studies.

Research Works Involved

Year Title
2012 Perceived social support among patients with ESRD  in 7th international conference  at Sri Ramachandra Faculty Of Nursing
2014 Lived in experience of patients with ESRD  in 8th International Nurses conference  at Sri Ramachandra Faculty Of Nursing
2016 Poster presentation 3rd prize for  national conference on  organ transplantation at Amrita Institute of medical science and research centre 
2017 Paper presentation in 14th international nurses conference titled Assess the prevalence of obesity and level of activity among rural and urban high school children conducted by  Sri Ramachandra Faculty Of Nursing   Paper presentation in 1st international conference   titled A co-relation obesity and level of activity  school children conducted by Amrita College of Nursing  


Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication Title


Shalimol U. S., “Lived-in Experiences of Patients Undergone Kidney Transplantation”, Pondicherry Journal of Nursing, 2016.


A. M. A and Shalimol U. S., “Knowledge and self reported practice on diabetic foot care among diabetes mellitus patients.”, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Research, vol. 2, no. 15, pp. 9-10, 2015.


Shalimol U. S., “Assessing depression among stroke survivors”, KNF, 2015.


Shalimol U. S., “Social support for patients with End Stage Renal Disease”, Nightingale Nursing Times, 2014.


Shalimol U. S., “Lived in Experience of Patients with End Stage Renal Disease at Sri Ramachandra Medical and Research Centre Chennai Porur-India”, Nursing Times of India (Nationalized journal), 2013.


Shalimol U. S., “Perceived Social Support Among Patients with ESRD”, In Sri Ramachandra Nursing Journal , 2013.

Publication Type: Conference Paper

Year of Publication Title


Shalimol U. S., “ Lived-In Experiences Of Patients Undergone Kidney Transplant”, in National Conference on Organ Transplant: Together, Towards Tomorrow , Amrita College of Nursing in Collaboration with transplant team, AIMS, Kochi, 2015.

Involved in Student Research Works

Year Title
2015 UG Studies Lived-in experiences of patients undergone kidney transplantion. PG Studies Knowledge and self reported practice on diabetic foot care among Diabetes mellitus patients,
2016 UG Studies Assess the prevalence of obesity and level of activity among rural and urban high school children
2017 UG Studies Perception and usage of complementary among elderly population   PG Studies Quality of  life and Quality of sleep among Post CABG