MSc Nursing

Soumya Raj K currently serves as Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing, Amrita College of Nursing, Health Sciences Campus, Kochi. She joined Amrita College of Nursing in 2017.


  •  M. Sc. Nursing - (Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing) - Karavali College of Nursing Science, Mangalore, Karnataka
  •  B.Sc Nursing - Co-operative College of Nursing, Thalassery.


Year Affiliation
January 16, 2017 – Present Lecturer - Amrita College of Nursing
  Nursing Tutor – Co-operative School of Nursing, Calicut. Lourde College of Nursing

Areas of Interest in Teaching

  •  Maternity nursing including Gynaecological Nursing
  • Foundations of Nursing

Areas of Interest in Research

  • Antenatal
  • Post natal
  •  Elderly

Academic Thesis

 Dissertation Title : Compare the maternal and foetal outcome of Hypertensive and non Hypertensive pregnant women in a selected hospital .


Publication Type: Journal Article

Year of Publication Title


Soumya Raj, Rajan, R., and Kj, S., “Incidence of Minor Ailments of Puerperium and Related Knowledge Among Postnatal Mothers”, Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, vol. 11, no. 1, 2018.[Abstract]

Objective: The objective of the study was to identify the incidence and knowledge of minor ailments of puerperium among postnatal mothers and to develop an information leaflet on the management of minor ailments of puerperium.

Methods: A quantitative approach with descriptive design and convenience sampling technique was used in this study. With these methods, the researcher selected 100 postnatal mothers attending Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, AIMS, Kochi. A semi-structured questionnaire along with a checklist was used to assess the knowledge and the incidence of minor ailments among postnatal mothers.

Result: The result showed that the common incidence of minor ailments was afterpain (67%), perineal discomfort (50%), constipation (43%), and fatigue (67%). Majority of the postnatal mothers had average knowledge (65%) level, and some of them had good knowledge (21%), and some of them had poor knowledge (14%).

Conclusion: The study revealed that the main four problems of minor ailments of puerperium were afterpain, perineal discomfort, constipation, and fatigue. Number of studies from different part of the world, including India, shows that a large proportion of postnatal mother experiences minor ailments of puerperium. This provides evidence for giving importance to minor ailments of puerperium. Researchers also provided a baseline information leaflet on the management of minor ailments of puerperium.

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Poster Presented

  • Alzhiemers linked to obesity at the International Conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach conducted by Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st and 2nd Dec ,2017.

Responsibilities Other Than Teaching

  • Research guide for Undergraduate Nurisng Students

Conference Attended / Conducted

Year Affiliation
2018 1. Participated in the "Dissemination of ICMR National Ethical Guidelines 2017" conducted by  CDSA, Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India on 22nd  February , 2018 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences .
2017 2. Organising committee member in the International conference on Obesity: A Multifaceted approach  conducted by  Amrita College of Nursing ,Kochi , on 1st  and 2nd Dec ,2017.
2017 3.Participated in workshop on ‘Student assignment – an introspection into better reflective clinical practice” conducted by Amrita College of Nursing on 26th May 2017
2009 4.Participated in National ‘ Nurses seminar on Trauma life support and critical care management”.Held at Sidhi Sadan Lourdes College of Nursing from 14-16 may ,2009.
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