Supriya M. currently serves as Assistant Professor at the department of Computer Science, Amrita School of Engineering. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.


Publication Type: Journal Article
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2016 Journal Article Ma Supriya, Sangeeta, Ka, and Patra, G. Kb, “Trustworthy cloud service provider selection using multi criteria decision making methods”, Engineering Letters, vol. 24, pp. 1-10, 2016.[Abstract]

Cloud Computing is a specialized form of Distributed computing in which the resources such as storage, processors, memory etc. are completely abstracted from the consumer. The number of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) who offer computing as a service has increased in recent times and often the customers need to interact with unknown service providers to carry out transactions. In such an open and anonymous environments, trust helps to build consumer confidence and provides a reliable environment for them. A trust based ranking system could also help them to choose between the services as per their requirement. In this paper, multi criteria decision making methods have been used to rank the service providers based on their infrastructure parameters. A combination of analytic and fuzzy method gives a better trust estimate as compared to an analytic method alone. © 2016, Newswood Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Publication Type: Conference Paper
Year of Publication Publication Type Title
2015 Conference Paper Ma Supriya, Sangeeta, K., and Patra, G. K., “Comparison of AHP based and Fuzzy based mechanisms for ranking Cloud Computing services”, in Proceeding - 2015 International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics and Its Applications: Emerging Trends in the Era of Internet of Things, IC3INA 2015, 2015, pp. 175-180.[Abstract]

Cloud Computing has emerged as a paradigm to deliver on demand resources to facilitate the customers with access to their infrastructure and applications as per their requirements on a subscription basis. An exponential increase in the number of cloud services in the past few years provides more options for customers to choose from. To assist customers in selecting a most trustworthy cloud provider, a unified trust evaluation framework is needed. Trust helps in the estimation of competency of a resource provider in completing a task thus enabling users to select the best resources in the heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. Trust estimates obtained using the AHP process exhibit a deviation for parameters that are not in direct proportion to the contributing attributes. Such deviation can be removed using the Fuzzy AHP model. In this paper, a Fuzzy AHP based hierarchical trust model has been proposed to rate the service providers and their various plans for infrastructure as a service. © 2015 IEEE.

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2013 Conference Paper Ma Supriya, Sangeeta, Ka, and Patra, G. Kb, “Comparison of cloud service providers based on direct and recommended trust rating”, in 2013 IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Computing and Communication Technologies, CONECCT 2013, Bangalore, 2013.[Abstract]

Cloud computing provides many opportunities for enterprises by offering a range of computing services. In today's competitive environment, the service dynamism, elasticity, and choices offered by this highly scalable technology are too attractive for enterprises to ignore. These opportunities have opened up a new dimension of challenges by introducing a different type of trust scenario. Today, the problem of trusting cloud computing is of supreme concern for most enterprises. The diversity of cloud service offerings makes it necessary for customers to evaluate the service levels of different cloud providers in an objective way such that required quality, reliability or security of an application can be ensured. In this paper, a model for Trust Management based on Fuzzy Logic is used to compare the cloud service providers available in the market. © 2013 IEEE.

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