Ph.D, MA

Dr. Vivek Dubey currently serves as Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Bengaluru Campus. Dr. Dubey is keen on promoting original and meaningful research, team-work, entrepreneurship, CSR, and innovation. He believes that an integrated-individual, systems approach and innovation, and integrated teaching, are key to making genuine contributions to the next generation, humanity, and beyond. Dr. Dubey has 16 years of industrial experience and 4 years of full-time and 6 years of part-time teaching experience.

Dr. Dubey’s research interests are in the area of sustainable organizational models, strategies, and applications; industrial systems and industrial organization, BOP value-chains (for example: nutrition, water, energy), B2B (supply and distribution) contracts and relationships, SME –innovation and growth. His teaching interest mirror his research interests. Dr. Dubey completed his PhD (Focus: Sustainable Organizational Models) in 2015 and MA Economics in 2014 (Sustainable Value Chains for BoP), from University of Wisconsin-Madison. His previous degrees are in field of engineering. He has also been associated with Janardan Swami Yog-Abhyasi Mandal, Nagpur (completed 2 levels - Aasan Pravaesh and Aasan Praveen) and teaches basic Yog-Abhyas. He also has been studying Vedanta at Chinmay Mission.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable Business Models, Supply-Chain Management; Operations Management