Wireless Distributed Systems 
Start Date: 
Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 12:00
Kochi Campus

Tutorial Speaker:  Dr. Maarten van Steen, Chair & Professor Dept. of Informatics, Extreme Distributed System, VU, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Title:  Exploring Extreme Wireless Distributed Systems 


Modern distributed systems are increasingly relying on components that need to make use of wireless technology.   Examples include subsystems implemented as wireless sensor networks or subsystems making use of mobile computing platforms.  In this tutorial, we'll be looking closer into wireless‐only distributed systems that are extreme in one or several of the following dimensions: their size in terms of the number of nodes, the resource limitations of those nodes (memory, compute power, energy budget), or the harshness of their environment (lossy channels, mobility).  

In particular, we'll be discussing issues related to turning such extreme distributed systems into robust ones,  addressing  questions  like:  how  to  set  up  and  maintaining  routing paths,  how  to  reliably disseminate  information,  and  how  to  realize  very  large  ultra‐low  duty‐cycled  networks.    In  the meantime, we draw examples from systems that are aimed at directly supporting human beings