Networked Sensor Systems 
Start Date: 
Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 12:00
Kochi Campus

Tutorial Speaker: Dr. Sajal K. Das, Director, Center for Research in Wireless Mobility and Networking (CReWMaN), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University Texas at Arlington, USA 
Title: Cyber‐Physical and Networked Sensor Systems: Challenges and Opportunities 


Rapid advancements in embedded systems, sensors and wireless communication technologies have led to the  development  of  cyber‐physical systems,  pervasive  computing  and smart  environments with important applications such as smart grids, sustainability, health  care and security. Wireless sensor networks play significant role in building such systems as they can effectively act as the human‐physical interface with the digital world through sensing, communication, computing and control or actuation. However,the inherent characteristics of wireless sensor networks, typified by   resource  constraints, high degree of uncertainty, heterogeneity and distributed control pose significant challenges.  
This tutorial will  provide  a  guided tour  of (i) the  characteristics  and  applications  of  cyber‐physical systems  and sensor networks, (ii)  associated technical  challenges  and opportunities,  and (iii) novel algorithmic frameworks  and solutions for  data  collection from sensor streams, sensor data fusion, multi‐modal  context  recognition,  and  situation‐aware  decision  making.  The  common  goal  is  to minimize energy consumption (i.e., maximize life time) and increase information accuracy (i.e., context quality)  in  wireless sensor  networks.  The  tutorial  will  be  concluded  with  open  issues  and  future 
directions of research.