Wireless Body Area Networks 
Start Date: 
Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 12:15
Kochi Campus

Tutorial  Speaker:  Dr. Dinesh Bhatia,  Professor  in  Electrical  Engineering Department,  Erik Jinsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA 

Title:  Building Reliable Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare 


The idea of placing small pervasive sensors for quickly and continuously monitoring a variety of vitals signs holds tremendous promise in healthcare applications. Disease management requires continuous monitoring,  managing  at  risk  population  also  requires  continuous  and  regular  recording  of  risk parameters,  and  empowering  general  population  with  advanced  monitoring  method  provides mechanisms for preventive care on a regular basis.  In addition, such sensors can be interfaced with wireless transceivers and further connected with gateway devices. This provides a very powerful paradigm in establishing continuous connected healthcare model. This can be used to connect remote
populations for effective delivery of healthcare. This talk will address the design of very low energy body sensor networks. It will provide basics of design that will enable general audience to understand the area of body sensor networks. In addition, the talk will introduce challenging problems that must be solved for building very reliable networks. Some these issues include low energy wireless designs, propagation of RF near and through human tissue,  exact  sensing  methods,  and  integration  methods  to  build  highly  ubiquitous  body sensor networks.