Wireless Security 
Start Date: 
Monday, December 19, 2011 - 09:00 to 17:00
Amritapuri Campus

Tutorial Speaker:  Dr. Sneha Kumar Kasera, Associate Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah, USA 
Title:  Wireless Network Security 


The  need  for  ubiquitous  network  access  and  services  is  fueling  tremendous  growth  of  wireless technologies, networks, and applications. Mobile and wireless devices are being increasingly used for a variety of applications including multimedia, information search and retrieval, entertainment, social, business, and medical applications, and sensing and actuation, among others. However, the broadcast nature of wireless communications, wireless device mobility and resource limitations, have given rise to newer security challenges. An understanding of these challenges and potential solutions is necessary for designing secure wireless and mobile systems and applications and, at the very least, for increasing user awareness. In this tutorial, we will first describe security tools, including the cryptographic ones, and then elaborate how these tools can be used to secure wireless networks. Specifically, we will examine  security vulnerabilities and solutions related to authentication, private communication, anonymity,  and  jamming.  We  will  strengthen  the  concepts  we cover  with  examples  from  WiFi networks,  cellular  networks, mobile  ad  hoc  networks,  and  wireless sensor  networks. We  will  also present some of the commonly deployed wireless security standards.