Radar Communication Technology 
Start Date: 
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 09:00 to 17:00

Tutorial Speaker:  Dr. Ram Narayanan, Professor of Electrical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA 
Title:  Human Detection and Characterization through Barriers 


This tutorial will review and summarise the current state of knowledge in the area of obscured target detection. The talk will address the phenomenology and characteristics of wave propagation through barriers, such as ground, walls, foliage, etc., as a function of frequency and material properties.Techniques  for detecting such obscured targets using radar techniques will be discussed. Both conventional and emerging waveforms will be presented. Detection of humans trapped in earthquake debris will also be addressed. The tutorial will be subdivided into the following main sections. 
Part I will describe different types of radar waveforms in general use, both conventional and emerging. In Part II, we will discuss how specific waveforms are affected by the EM environment and review the limitations of current techniques. In  Part  III,  we  will  review  emerging  waveform  designs  for  optimal  target  detection  in  enclosed structures behind barriers. Part IV will conclude by providing directions for further research.