Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are internationally competitive, merit-based scholarships provided by the Australian Government that support citizens around the world to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia and for Australians to do the same overseas.

Admission to an Australian University is necessary to avail of this opportunity.  We are working closely with Deakin, Australia to facilitate acceptance to their University. Please fill up the Google form that is included in the poster to process your application.

Deadline to Apply: June 30th, 2015

The program should commence between January 1, 2016 and November 30, 2016.

Category Level Duration Tuition (up to)   Total Value $AUD
Postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships and fellowships
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Australian Masters or PhD Up to 2 years for a Masters Up to 4 years for a PhD   $15,000 per semester        Up to $272,500 (PhD) $140,500 (Masters)
Endeavour Research Fellowship(Including Australia Cheung Kong and Australia India Education Council) Short-term research towards an overseas Masters, PhD or postdoctoral research 4 - 6 months   n/a   Up to $24,500  
Vocational Education and Training scholarships
Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) Scholarship  Australian Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree  1 - 2.5 years    $6,500 per semester  Up to $131,000  
Executive Fellowships
Endeavour Executive Fellowship   Professional development 1 - 4 months  n/a   Up to $18,500  

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How to Apply:

Please fill Google form to process your application

For further information, contact:

Sujatha / Kartik
Coordinator, AMRITA Center for International Programs 
Ph: 0476-2804152
Email: amrita.scholarships@gmail.com 
(Please use subject title: Endeavour Scholarship / Fellowship - 2016)
Please send your CV/Resume to the e-mail address above.