Tranforming Theory into Practice
The Live-in-Labs® program allowed me to transform theory into practice and complete my environmental engineering skills with the knowledge of other professionals. The Project of the toilet building educational kit we launched gave a preview of what social entrepreneurship might be.

Alexandre Bouchet
EPFL, Switzerland

Hands-on Engineering Experience
My interest in social work and education made me choose the program as it focuses on addressing challenges in rural India through an interdisciplinary research. During my project i was able to study and understands how needs vary in different communities. India is very diversive.

Ana Carolina Rocha
PUC-Rio, Brazil

Applying my Knowledge in the Real World
For me the lemon grass project was the practical part of an elective, i chose called international Entrepreneurship & Development as part of my bachelor at my own university back home. It was a really nice way to put my knowledge about chemical engineering into practice, as well as with the experience of working together with a different country and culture. I also learned a lot about team work and project management .

Laurence Griffieon
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Qualitative Research with First-Hand Experience
This program was particularly valuable to me because i was given an opportunity to live in the village in which we were where conducting research. The ability to participate in qualitative research with first hand experience allowed me to get a sense of every challenges of village life.

Nickza Dallas
Ryerson University, Canada

Work Towards Solution
As a dual degree MSW/MPH student, i have alwaays been interested in working with communities helping to development and implement programs that empower community members to work towards solution to the challenges and obstacles they face. Implementing the AAA program in Dunda village through Live-in-Labs gave me the opportunity to see what that kind of a career might be like.

Rachel Daws
University at Buffalo, USA

Eye Opening and Unique Experience
This was a very Eye-Opening and unique experience. It was a great feel to integrated into the village community and my team mates and i had a good time with collaborating with the Amrita Social Work students in the field. Overall, our time in the program was informative. We learned a lot about public health challenges in rural India and potential solutions that could be implemented.

Natalie Gaynes
Harvard School of Public Health, USA

Brilliant Ideas are Pointless, If they Stay in Labs
It is pointless to have brilliant ideas if they stay in laboratory. It has to fit the daily life requirements, designing a piece in CAD, you have to think of the manufacture...(during) manufacture you have to think of the field. so the key point is always have the end, the aim in mind instead of staying on the theoretical part

Aymeric Maurin
EPFL, Switzerland

Collaborate & Learn on Multidisciplinary Team
The project aligned with my research interest is affordable, sustainable and responsive housing. This real-world real-time project helped me develop especially in regards to field work and data collection. I enjoyed the responsibility given to our students, we were in charge of the project and moving forward. The professors and mentors were very helpful and responsive when we needed it. Feedback was helpful. Check-ins ensured project help in keep track and well organized. It was very great to collaborate and team on a multidisciplinary project.

Nicole Little
University at Buffalo, USA