Amrita University’s Live-in-Labs™ program focuses on understanding challenges and developing sustainable solutions in the areas of:

Health & Livelihood - by developing low cost diagnosis units, developing micro healthcare management devices, developing rural health management systems, and developing epidemic management and detection programs. 



Education & Technology - by reducing school drop-out rates, developing community awareness programs, creating tablet based awareness programs using innovative technology backed pedagogy practices, establishing after school education centers, and establishing computer based skill training courses.



Infrastructure and Basic Facilities - by developing infrastructure with locally available resources, developing low cost water distribution systems, and developing and implementing rural sanitation models.



Energy - by bridging the energy gap in rural communities, developing efficient energy management practices, generating power for locally available renewable energy sources, and developing distribution models for optimal power utilization in rural communities.



Environment & Farming - by developing best practices in farming economics, establishing awareness programs for organic based farming, creating micro food processing units, and establishing smart agriculture systems.