Testimonials from Villagers

From the day Amrita people came to our village, our village has become better.
The toilet construction going on is really good as we now don't have to relieve ourselves outside. I am constructing toilets in my village with some of the other women. Now my 3 daughters will have a safe place to go, even at night. Because of this, my children are also attending the evening tuition classes and my husband is working with a few Amrita people for his farming work as well. So my whole family is involved and is benefitting from the work done by Amrita!


Dusmi Devi

SHG Member

The evening discussion have been such a life-changing experience for all of us (the women in the village). Earlier, the dark evening forced us to confine ourselves to our houses and we mostly led a lonely life. Now we meet often under the electric lights and discuss our most pressing problems with our dearest ones and other women in the village. It seems that we share the same problems so the solutions are common to all of us. We are not alone anymore. We now have each other, we are all friends who support one another.


Mrs. Karthika

valaramkunnu Village
Wayanad, Kerala

I am a paddy farmer. My farming activities would frequently result in nett losses. Faculty and students from Amrita introduced me to a innovative farming techniques where i could optimize the amount of water and fertilizer, along with the right time of application. The combined effect has produced significant harvests at a lower effort. I feel good today to be a farmer


Mr. Kabala

Valaramkunnu Village,
Wayanad, Kerala.