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Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/ Professor(Computer Science and Specialisation in Image/Video Analytics and Computer Vision)

We welcome applications from candidates with background and interest in the fields of Image/Video processing, Computer Vision and the associated areas of Video Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Database systems, Computer Graphics and Signal Processing, Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Edge Computing, and the Internet of Things. The research groups at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham have ongoing projects in various applications of these fields, such as in Healthcare, Medical Image Analysis, Agriculture, Defence, Disaster Management, Education, Heritage preservation etc. The positions involve teaching and active involvement in research in these areas and their applications in various domains. Publication of results is an integral part of the positions.

When paired with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision can simulate the human capability of solving complex problems. Edge computing has had a significant impact on modern computer vision systems. Often, with limitations of network and time taken to send images or videos to a centralised location, the timeliness required to make the necessary decisions is not met. The final consideration relates to privacy, where it may violate privacy laws by sending images or video to a centralised location. With edge computing, the processing of the images or videos is much closer to their source. This will address latency, bandwidth, and privacy concerns. Coupled with cloud computing, the Internet of Things enables real-time information that applications can use to solve problems quickly and operate more efficiently.

Key areas of research

  • IoT and edge computing solutions for making computer vision possible at the edge devices.

  • Video analytics algorithms using TinyML, Compressive sensing concepts.

  • Applications of image processing and Computer Vision in the areas of Healthcare, Medical Image Analysis, Agriculture, Defence, Disaster Management, Education, Heritage preservation etc.

  • In continuation of the previous part, apply analytics and visualisation

We are interested in candidates with a strong background in

  • One or more of the key research areas mentioned.

  • Programming background in Python, Simulink or MATLAB, C/C++/JAVA.

  • Hands-on experience with sensors, microcontrollers, and IoT frameworks.

Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of TensorFlow, PyTorch

  • Knowledge of R tool

Entry requirements PhD and/or MTech in the fields of Computer Science/ Computer Vision/ Image Processing/ Video Analytics/ Signal Processing/ Pattern Recognition.

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