AMMACHI Labs’ Computerized Vocational Education Training for Indian Women is ‘A Model for the World’ says the United Nations

The United Nations Democracy Fund recently featured the success of AMMACH Labs' Women Empowerment Project in their August 2014 newsletter called "UNDEF Update". In a half page color spread about the capstone event at Amritapuri in May 2014, the article titled Computerized vocational training for Indian women is ‘a model for the world'  highlights the success of AMMACHI Labs innovative computerized vocational education training that impacted over 3000 women in the span of 18 months.

The newsletter can be accessed here.

August 3, 2014
AMMACHI Labs, Amritapuri Campus


Amrita University at the Forefront of Women Empowerment - PDF
Amrita University at the Forefront of Women Empowerment
Celebrating the Success of over 3000 Women, Trained & Empowered
U.N. Says Women Empowerment Project is Role Model for Entire World

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