Dr. P. Ram Manohar, Research Director, Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda, conducted a pre-conference workshop at Ayurvedic Point, Milan, Italy, on 17th September, 2016. The workshop, held on the eve of the Third International Congress on Ayurveda, focused on: the future in tradition, the use of Sanskrit in the classic texts, and study and comments on the sutras.

Dr. Manohar also moderated sessions of the Young Researcher's Scientific Presentation for the INDRA (International Network for Development of Research in Ayurveda) Award during which Dr. Nimeshkumar G. Kacchiapatel, Dr. Maja Kolarevic, Kantharia SJ and Carlos V Rizzo-Sierra made presentations. Dr. Maja Kolarevic from Slovenia won the coveted INDRA award for Young Researchers in Ayurveda. 

Dr. Manohar also chaired and delivered a lecture at the session on Coherence in Basic Research on 19th September, 2016, along with Prof. Lakhotia, Dr. Bhavana Prasher, Prof. Oleg Sorokin and Prof. Antonella Delle Fave, which was followed by interactive sessions. Later, he participated in the Panel Discussion of the Speakers at the 3rd International Congress on Ayurveda at Milan, Italy.

The Third Meeting of the International Network for Development of Research in Ayurveda (INDRA) was held at Grand Hotel Villa Torretta, Milan, Italy, on 20th September 2016, during which Dr. Manohar presented the plan for research projects to be undertaken by INDRA in the next few years.

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